Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moss for Rodgers Still Rumored

Boy this gets confusing. One day we hear that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is part of the trade talk for Randy Moss. The next day we hear that won't happen because Coach Mike McCarthy is high on Rodgers' potential and wants to keep him. Then we hear that GM Ted Thompson is going to review his proposed deal with the Packers Executive Committee at their regular monthly meeting. Then we hear that it wasn't even brought up until the end of the meeting when he was asked about it. Then, we hear again that Rodgers is part of the proposed deal. My brain hurts!

The latest on the rumor mill at is that the Raiders will only deal Moss to the Pack for Rodgers if there is also a conditional pick included for 2008 based upon Rodgers' performance for the Raiders. Naturally, the Packers are a bit reluctant to give a conditional pick based on performance given the likelihood that the Raiders this season -- no matter who is quarterbacking them -- will still, well, suck...not as much as Da Bearz, mind you, but still...

Anyway, you can read more about this latest adventure here. Just scroll down a bit and look for the Moss Deal headline.