Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Henderson Says He'll Be Released by Tuesday

A report from WBAY-TV in Green Bay says that veteran fullback and fan favorite William Henderson will be released by the Packers as early as Tuesday. The news comes from none other than Henderson himself.

The Packers have been bringing in new fullbacks for perhaps the last four years or so in an effort to replace Henderson. Last year, the Pack brought in Brandon Miree who was the nominal starter until he got injured. In the end, Henderson remained the starter. The ultimate team player, he always acted in the best interests of the team. If only the league had more players like Henderson. Durability and work ethic meant that Henderson missed just four games in his career. He ranks third all-time in games played for the Packers. With his departure, Brett Favre will be the only remaining member of the mid-90's Super Bowl teams. An under-appreciated fullback on the national scene, look for Henderson being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame one of these days.

Henderson passed along this statement through WBAY: "I want to express my 100% gratitude to the fans for their support both on and off the field, and not just MNKO (WBAY-TV's Monday Night Kick-Off program that he co-hosted). It was an honor to be associated with the Packers. It is humbling to leave such a great organization, but I will always be grateful for my time in Green Bay." Class. All the way. With the exception of Favre, I can't imagine the team, the community or the fans missing any player more than William Henderson.

You can read the full story here.