Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pack Gets Another Pick

This is the thing Packers' GM Ted Thompson's dreams are made of: more draft picks. OK, it's a seventh rounder, but still...Thompson likes to stockpile picks like...well, whatever analogy would make the point, I guess; you fill in the blank.

This latest pick is a compensatory pick given to the Packers by the NFL for the team's free agent losses last season. It's pretty far down on the totem pole: the 33rd pick in the seventh round, No. 243 overall. The Packers now have a selection in each of the first six rounds and three in the seventh. You can be sure Thompson will be doing some wheeling and dealing to get as much as he can with these nine picks...which means probably multiplying them somehow as he is known to do. Compensatory picks can't be traded, though, so Thompson will have to find a way to find a gem -- or at least someone serviceable -- at #243.