Monday, March 05, 2007

Fans to Green: Buh-Bye Now

As much as Ahman Green has meant to the Packers over the past seven years, he wasn't worth what the Texans paid for him. Former Packers GM/Coach and current Houston offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was reportedly instrumental in convincing Texans' management that they should acquire Green. One thing the Texans obviously do not yet have is a perspective on Sherman's tossing boatloads of money at questionable signings as the Packers' GM. Packer fans know Sherman's record as GM (as opposed to the arguably good record he had as coach) and will likely see this in that same vein.

In fact, Packer fans seem to confirm current Packers' GM Ted Thompson's hard line on resigning Green. Just take a look at the poll results in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel where nearly 70 percent of nearly 6,400 respondents at the time of this posting say the Pack should not have done anything more to re-sign Green:
Should the Packers have done more to keep Ahman Green?
No (69.7%)
Yes (30.3%)
Total votes: 6,378

So, thanks for the memories, Ahman. You served the Pack well. But...buh-bye now...