Monday, November 24, 2008

Stick a fork in it: Packers 29 - Saints 51 final

The Saints wound up tying their own team record for points scored in a game at 51. They actually could have set a new team record if they had kicked a PAT after their final TD rather than bizarrely going for a two-point conversion.

The Packers did score a TD and a went for their own two-point conversion, which they made. But Aaron Rodgers also threw his third interception of the evening on a 4th and 16 play to the endzone with about 6 minutes to go.

The Packers had their butts kicked. The offense, especially Rodgers, was not sharp. But worse, the defense was missing in action and generated no pressure on Drew Brees, and allowed two 70-yard TD passes, with most of those yards coming after the catch.

It was not the game the Packers needed. With five games remaining, this loss deals a serious blow to their playoff possibilities as they are now a full game behind both Chicago and Minnesota.

For as well as they played last weekend against Da Bearz, they played just as badly tonight. Embarrassing. Simply embarrassing.