Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LeRoy's view

There's a concise and insightful analysis of the Packers' loss at New Orleans and more courtesy of retired Packers safety LeRoy Butler here. Bottom line: he called the loss a "collective effort" with players not prepared, but coaches, etc. needing to share responsibility. Having said that, Butler also said "there was nothing wrong with the game plan," that it was the same plan which shut down Peyton Manning and the Colts. Anyway, some interesting comments for you to check out.

Injuries hit again
After having a spate of injuries early in the season, and then seemingly getting a bit healthier as of late, the Pack took a hit coming out of the Saints game. The safeties, especially, came out banged up. Aaron Rouse, Atari Bigby, Charlie Peprah and Nick Collins all are dealing with ailments. Also on the defensive side of things, Johnny Jolly came out dinged up.

On the offensive side of the ball, the most concerning injury is that of RT Mark Tauscher, who left the game after the second play Monday night. He was undergoing tests yesterday to determine just how bad the hamstring injury is but the fact they were doing an MRI indicates it is likely to keep him out of at least this week's game against Carolina. Tony Moll filled in for Tauscher and for the most part did an adequate job. Also nicked up are TE Tory Humphrey and RB Brandon Jackson.

You can read more about the injuries here.

As Butler says, the Packers are the most talented team in the Division, which might not be saying much this year. And the Packers certainly aren't demonstrating that fact either. But injuries going down the stretch run, combined with inconsistent play, may seal the Packers fate...unless they turn it around starting this Sunday.