Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fans have turned the page

Judging by a poll in today's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, it would seem that the majority of Packer fans have turned the page on the Brett Favre least to the extent that they are now more likely to be glad that Aaron Rodgers is the starting QB than Brett. Roughly two-thirds of those responding to the poll say that they'd rather have Rodgers at QB now than Favre.

While that might come as a surprise to some, it really shouldn't be. Because a real fan knows the stats. And while appreciating the past, it's all about the future.

For example, through 8 games, Aaron Rodgers has a QB rating of 95.3, which places him fifth overall in that rating. Ol' #4, by contrast, has a rating of 87.8, which places him 16th overall. Rodgers has 13 TDs and 5 INTs, while Brett has 15 TDs and 12 INTs. (You can see the complete list of stats here.)

Yes, the NY Bretts, er, Jets, are 5-3 and our beloved Packers are sitting at 4-4. Still, it seems as if most fans have finally moved on and hope that Rodgers is able to bring a new chapter of success to the Pack just as Brett did in his day. We, of course, also wish Brett much success with the Jets. Remember, according to the trade deal, the better Brett and the Jets do this season the higher the draft pick the Pack gets in 2009.

Here's the actual poll question and results at the time of this writing:
Now that the dust has settled somewhat, who would you rather have as quarterback of the Green Bay Packers right now?

Aaron Rodgers (66%)
Brett Favre (33%)
Total Responses: 5190