Sunday, November 09, 2008

End of 1st quarter: Packers 7 - ViQueens 7

The Packers started off the game with two three-and-outs, and allowing the ViQueens to convert their first possession into 7 points. Minnesota's second possession perhaps also would have led to points as the 'Queens again started in good field position. Fortunately, Charles Woodson picked off a pass. A couple strong runs by Ryan Grant, a couple catches by Greg Jennings and Donald Driver (including a recovered fumble after the catch), and TD run by Grant got the Pack back to even at 7-7.

The Packers, as predicted don't seem to be able to stop the run very well, but haven't given up the the big run to Adrian Peterson...yet.

Near the end of the quarter, Al Harris was flagged for illegal contact which made a third down stop into a first down and allowed Minnesota to continue their drive. The penalty should have been called on the receiver who clearly initiated the contact with Harris.

The Packers have to get some semblance of a pass rush on Gus Frerotte. So far, he's had plenty of time, while Aaron Rodgers has already been sacked twice.