Sunday, November 09, 2008

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 24 - ViQueens 21

A tale of two touchdowns for the Packers was the story of the 3rd quarter. And neither of them were by the offense. The first came on a roughly 60-yard interception return by Nick Collins, and the second was a 67-yard punt return by Will Blackmon, who made up for his earlier bonehead play. Oh, yeah, the ViQueens got a TD, as well, earlier in the quarter after LB Nick Barnett went out with a sprained knee. His replacement, Desmond Bishop, was immediately put to the test trying to cover a swing pass to RB Chester Taylor; he got juked and Taylor took it 40-some yards to the end zone. Ryan Longwell also missed a field goal for the 'Queens.

Late in the quarter, after the Packers went up 24-21 on the Blackmon punt return, the Minnesota running game started to gain additional traction. But the Packers "D" hasn't broken yet.

The Packer defense needs a rest, though. Despite being ahead at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Packers have only had the ball for about 16 minutes of the entire game, while Minnesota has had it for about 29 minutes.

Barring turnovers or stupid penalties by the Packers, and assuming the Packers offense can give the defense a bit of a breather somewhere in the final quarter, the Pack is in a position to win...but they have to finish...a trait which has been inconsistent throughout this season. It's time to bring it on home, guys!

Go Pack Go!!!