Sunday, November 02, 2008

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 13 - Titans 16

As the Packers go to the 4th quarter, they still trail by 3 points. The Pack turned the ball over on two consecutive possessions in the 3rd quarter. First, on a drive that was showing some momentum, Aaron Rodgers had a long pass to Greg Jennings intercepted in double coverage in the end zone. On their next possession, Rodgers was sacked and fumbled at his own 17-yard line. To the defense's credit, they were then able to hold Tennessee to another field goal, putting them up 16-10. The Packers were then able to once again move the ball on the Titans at the end of the quarter, with the key play being a more than 40-yard catch and run by Donald Driver. An 8-yard sack on second down at the Titans 12, however, thwarted the drive and the Pack had to settle for another Mason Crosby field goal.

The Pack have to find a way in the final quarter to not give up a TD. If the Pack can hold the Titans to no more than a field goal in this last quarter, the Pack will be able to generate a winning touchdown late in the quarter. It could be set up by a turnover. The Packers have been close on a couple occasions to picking off Titans' QB Kerry Collins. This would be a good time to make it happen.