Monday, November 24, 2008

End of 3rd quarter: Packers 21 - Saints 45

The Packers scored...nothing in the 3rd quarter. Turned the ball over twice.

The Saints? Scored 21 in the quarter. Including another 70-yard TD pass.

The #1 pass defense was shredded by the #1 pass offense.

Embarrassing. No pressure on Saints QB Drew Brees, who is using the Packers defense for target practice. Aaron Rodgers was victimized on his two interceptions by a slip by Greg Jennings and what appeared to be an incomplete route to the inside by rookie WR Jordy Nelson. But he also has been a bit off all night and that hasn't helped.

All the energy is with the Saints. The Packers defense has been non-existent.


Game over, regardless of what happens in the 4th quarter. The Pack will drop a game behind Da Bearz and the ViQueens.

Give credit to the Saints. But the Packers defense never showed up.