Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Will it be Rodgers or Flynn?

Today is the day, following two days of physical rehab, that the coaching staff will probably know if the Packers will have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback on Sunday or whether rookie Matt Flynn will be the man under center.

Rodgers has been saying all along that he'll be ready to go. No doubt he's got the will. But whether his "sprained" throwing shoulder will allow him to perform effectively is another thing. If he can't go, GM Ted Thompson's and head coach Mike McCarthy's gamble on backing up Rodgers with two rookies will certainly come under scrutiny. Actually, that happened before the first snap of the regular season. But, it is what it is, right? Ya go with who you ya got, as they say. And we have two rooks to fall back on.

In this case, it will be Matt Flynn, who came in for a couple series in Sunday's game. But this week, he's preparing and being prepared as if he will be the starter. But, it's not like he'd be the only rookie QB on a NFL football field. Actually, all he'll have to do is look across to the opposite sideline and he'll see Matt Ryan, the rookie starting QB for the Falcons. Granted, Ryan was the #3 overall pick in this year's draft and Flynn was #209. But Flynn has some credentials too. MVP of a Peach Bowl as a fill-in QB. And, lest we, forget, Flynn led LSU to the National Championship last season.

But that's college. This is the pros. Still, the young man seems like one who doesn't get too rattled. If he has to get a start, going against Atlanta at Lambeau wouldn't be a bad way to break in. But that's assuming the Packers' heretofore (big word alert! look it up!) moribund (ditto on looking it up!) running game is somehow able to gain more than 30 yards in a game. Unless Ryan Grant can finally get his game in gear, and take some of the load off whoever is starting at QB, the Pack will have a long day on the field offensively.

If you want to know a little more about Flynn, and what the Pack is doing to get him ready -- just in case -- check out this article.