Sunday, October 12, 2008

End of 1st quarter: Packers 3 - Seahawks 0

Not exactly a scintillating quarter. Not that the Packers have played badly, just nothing spectacular. The defense is doing a fine job so far, but the Seahawks started to finally get some first down conversions toward the end of the quarter. Looks as if they are going to try to run Julius Jones as much as possible to take the pressure off backup QB starter Charlie Frye.

The Pack's own running game shows signs of life. But on a drive down inside the red zone the Pack once again had to settle for a field goal...something that has been a disconcerting trend this season.

Speaking of the running game, backup Brandon Jackson is not active today after apparently becoming ill, so just-activated DeShawn Wynn is the main backup to Ryan Grant today.

The really only unusual aspect to the quarter was that the Packers used two timeouts, one on some confusion as to whether to try a 60-yard field goal -- yes, you read that right -- or punt...thankfully, the decision was to punt. The second came as the play clock was running out on Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers seems to be so-so with his passes today. Some are spot on, and some aren't really close. It's the shoulder, ya know?