Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jay Glazer on the Jim Rome Show re: Brett Favre

The "Benedict Brett" story continues to have legs, as they say. And while it's a hot topic in Wisconsin, of course, the story about Brett allegedly contacting the Detroit Lions with inside info about the the Packers in the week preceding their game is also a national story. Jay Glazer, who broke the story on Fox Sports, was interviewed yesterday on the Jim Rome radio show. It's a fascinating interview on a number of fronts.

You can listen to it here (once there, just click on the link for your preferred media player). For the full story from Glazer's perspective, as well as how solid a story it now -- unfortunately -- seems to be, you need to listen to this.

Bottom line: Glazer says, when asked by Rome if he stands by his story 100 percent, says emphatically, "1,000 percent...1,000 percent."