Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final: Packers 27 - Seahawks 17

The Packers scored 24 unanswered points before allowing the Seahawks to score a meaningless TD late in the 4th quarter. Final score: Pack 27 - Seahawks 17.

The Pack did what they needed to do. While the game wasn't overly exciting, it was very solid. The offense scored, the defense got three sacks (Aaron Kampman had two) and two interceptions, special teams didn't blow it, penalties -- compared to prior games -- were kept to a minimum. The Pack also controlled the time of possession, holding the ball nearly 15 minutes longer than Seattle. So not much to complain about.

How did the pack get their last 10 points of the game? The Pack went up 24-10 early in the quarter on a 1-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers to FB John Kuhn -- the first TD catch of Kuhn's three-year NFL career. Congrats, Mr. Kuhn! About three minutes later, kicker Mason Crosby added the final 3 points on a 51-yard field goal which was set up by a Charles Woodson interception. That made it 27-10. Seattle got their last points with a little more than 3 minutes left in the game. They followed that score with an onside kick, which was recovered by Jarrett Bush. And, no, Bush did not incur a penalty in the process. How refreshing!

From there on, the Pack was able to run out the clock and seal the deal on a nice 27-17 victory making them 3-3 on the season.

Three-way tie for first
The win makes for a three-way tie for first in the NFC North. The ViQueens squeaked out a last second 2-point win over the hapless, and winless, Lions. And, other than the Packers' win today, the next best thing to happen was a gut-wrenching loss by Da Bearz to the Falcons. After being dominated by Atlanta the entire game, Da Bearz got a glimmer of hope in the last 2 minutes or so of the game. Ahead by 6, the Falcons set up for a 36-yard field goal by veteran Jason Elam...who hadn't missed a field goal attempt all season. You know what happens next: he misses. This is the way Da Bearz have pulled wins out of their ying-yangs for years. And it almost looked like they would again, after QB Kyle Orton threw a 17-yard TD pass with 11 second to go, putting Da Bearz ahead 20-19. But after a short squib kick gave Atlanta a prayer, rookie QB Matt Ryan connected with a receiver on the sideline for 26 yards and one second left on the clock. Elam had his shot at redemption with a 48-yard field attempt. And redeemed he was! Falcons over Da Bearz, 22-20. Sweet!

So, the Pack showed progress on a number of fronts and kept Rodgers healthy. They come home next week to take on -- unfortunately -- a resurgent Colts team that has finally seemed to get its act together. They wiped the floor with the Ravens today to the tune of 31-3. The Colts are now 3-2.

We'll talk more about the upcoming game in the days ahead. For now, let's just enjoy the first Packers' win after 3 straight losses. Oh, yeah, and savor that heartbreaking loss for Chicago, too. A good day all around.