Friday, October 17, 2008

Did Brett or didn't Brett call?

The answer to the question, rhetorically posed in some circles, as to whether former Packers QB Brett Favre not only called Dallas QB Tony Romo to encourage him to play with his broken pinkie finger but also called Aaron Rodgers with the same encouragement about his shoulder injury, would be..."No."

Actually, that wasn't just a rhetorical question that may have entered some people's minds; it was a question that had to eventually get asked. And it was.

According to the Packers Blog section of the online edition of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "Asked whether it bothered him Favre called Romo and not him, Rodgers said: 'Nope. That doesn't really bother me. At all.'

He then flashed a big smile. Read into it what you will."

Now, other than Romo being a Wisconsin native and Favre obviously having played in Wisconsin, what connection would Favre have with him? Sure, the quarterback fraternity and all that. But Rodgers was his teammate for the last three years. Wouldn't you think that he would have gotten the encouragement call? Guess not. And it appears, sadly, that Rodgers really wasn't surprised by Favre's behavior about this either.

Anyway, you can read the comments of readers -- the majority of whom have seemed to become less-favorably enamored of ol' #4 than in prior years -- here. Some real insights into how far Brett's reputation has fallen in some parts of the Packer universe.