Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rodgers still a question mark for Sunday

According to reports out of Green Bay, QB Aaron Rodgers did not throw a pass at yesterday's practice. He handed off a few times, but mostly observed. The coaching staff is getting rookie Matt Flynn prepared as if he will be the starter.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean Flynn will be the man under center come noon Sunday against the Falcons. A lot will have to do, not so much with how Rodgers will handle the pain of his "sprained" shoulder, but whether he will have the arm strength to make the passes he needs to make. If he can get even close, he'll probably play.

There's an article in today's Green Bay Press-Gazette which relates that Rodgers talked to former QB and good friend Trent Dilfer over the last few days, and Dilfer told Rodgers that he had dislocated his throwing shoulder 10 times over the course of his 14 years in the NFL -- and never missed the following game. How? Painkillers, of course. And that would be the way Rodgers would have to go, as well, if he has any possibility of playing Sunday.

You can read more about the shoulder situation here.

Combined with losing Cullen Jenkins for the year and Al Harris indefinitely on the defensive side of things, and the Pack's inability to run the ball, having Rodgers at QB will be a necessity this weekend. The Falcons may not be great. But they are certainly good enough to present challenges to a banged up and/or unproductive Packers squad. More on that as the game nears.