Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halftime: Packers 10 - Seahawks 10

The Seahawks started off the second quarter by getting in position for a field goal, to tie the game at 3. On the first series after taking the ensuing kickoff, QB Aaron Rodgers kept the ball too long on a drop back, was hit, and fumbled the ball at the Packers' own 33-yard line. It wasn't long thereafter that Seattle was up 10-3.

The Packers then took their next possession down to the 1-yard line. They lined up no running backs and had Rodgers attempt a sneak. The linesman said his momentum was stopped, while replays clearly showed the opposite, and had in fact stretched the ball over the goal line for a TD. The booth review determined that Rodgers' knee never touched the ground and the ball had broken the plane of the endzone: touchdown, Packers, with about 30 seconds left in the half to tie things up at 10-10.

This was the second time in the half that the Packers used Rodgers on a sneak. Even the booth announcers were questioning why they would expose Rodgers' shoulder to more possible injury by running sneaks. It's a good question. No doubt Coach McCarthy will be asked about this later on.