Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Packers keep flying high

As if their 8-1 record isn't enough -- actually, it is the most important thing, isn't it? -- the Packers now have the NFL's #1 passing offense. Not surprising, since for most of this season that was the offense. You throw a lot and complete a high percentage of passes, including some long TDs and -- BAM! -- you cop the #1 spot from the Patriots.

Now, consider that if the Pack can continue to have a respectable run game along the lines that has emerged over the last three weeks what that can do to continue to open up the passing game. Isn't it amazing to see these five-receiver sets that they are starting to integrate into the offense? It becomes a defense's nightmare. Look who you'd have to try to cover: Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Ruvell Martin, Koren Robinson. Actually, the Packers could throw Donald Lee in the mix and now you have six quality receivers to try to cover. With Brett Favre throwing the ball nonetheless. C'mon. Start waving the white flag.

Oh sure, the Pack is dead last in rushing still. But if Ryan Grant can keep pluggin' away for 100 yard or so each game, so what? That's enough to keep the opposing defense worried about stopping the run, which just gives ol' #4 and his merry band of receivers even more opportunities to make plays down field.

Of course, one area where the offense still is having some difficulty is finishing with a TD once it gets into the red zone. Too many time this year the Packers have driven inside the opponent's 20 only to have to settle for a field goal attempt rather than come away with a touchdown. Given the level of play of the Pack's defense, and the ability of the offense to eat up the play clock, this perhaps isn't as big a problem as for some other teams. But it is one of those areas you'd like to see them clean up. And no doubt they will. Seems as if most of the problem areas for the Pack have been getting addressed as the season goes on. They are getting better each week. That's the sign of a champion in the making.

Keep winning, get home field advantage for the playoffs and maybe we can have a rematch of that Packers vs. Pats Super Bowl...and even better, come away with the same result. It's still too soon to talk about bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay...but our dreams have just a bit more of a dash of reality about them than in recent years. And to that, we can give our thanks to this tremendous passing offense which has developed over the season and to the running game which is starting to come around at just the right time.