Thursday, November 29, 2007

Halftime: Packers 17 - Cowboys 27

This will be a brief report: not good.

The Packers for some reason, after having a great opening drive for a field goal, then seemed to get out of their recent ways of success and start taking long downfield shots with no success. It exposed Brett to getting hit (more on that in a moment), which resulted in 2 interceptions (leading to 14 points) and could have resulted in more turnovers. As to Brett getting hit, on his second interception in the second quarter, Brett suffered a right elbow injury. Reports are he has no feeling in his hand. Aaron Rodgers came in for Brett and spearheaded a nice TD drive just before half. Rodgers will likely have to finish the game.

More details in a post-game -- or maybe, next day -- report. Lots of angst that will take time to process.

This game has the feel of those freakin' 90's games again. Weird stuff. Like on Dallas' first series, Al Harris actually stripped T.O. of a pass reception along the sidelines. But one ref called the play dead for forward progress and thus the takeaway was not allowed. That would have been a huge play right off the bat. Instead, Dallas is able to tie up the game at 3-3.

The defense for the Packers has gotten no pressure on Romo whatsoever. They are picking on Jarrett Bush.

This game is not looking good or feeling good. And Dallas gets the ball first in the second half.