Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Packers Fan Hall of Fame voting underway

If you weren't aware of it, the Packers not only have their own Hall of Fame for their outstanding players but also have a Fan Hall of Fame for those fans who are exceptional in their love and support for the Pack. (I know, I know, who isn't, right?) They've had this up and rolling since 1998. Nominations are submitted and then a group of finalists is selected that the public can vote upon. Only one person is selected for the honor each year.

All candidates certainly are worthy of consideration. However, I'd like to put in a special plug for one of the finalists, Bill Riley. You can read about him here. Bill was born in Milwaukee in 1949 but has lived in California since the age of 3.

Now, all true Packer fans can stake claim to certain occasions when their devotion leads them to do some amazing things to see a game. But the mark of someone who deserves recognition in the Fan Hall of Fame is a lifetime of such actions. Extraordinary actions. In Bill's case, that notion is especially true. As you'll discover in his bio, Bill is reliant on a wheelchair to get around. Check this out (from his bio): "One of the many challenges Bill has overcome is traveling alone to see the Packers play. Despite his walking disability, Bill managed to fly alone to Green Bay to see the Packers in 1996, took a bus to Green Bay in 2004 (3 days each way), and traveled by train to San Francisco to see the Packers against the 49ers last December. His latest trip was flying to Green Bay to watch the Packers play against the Redskins in October 2007. His dream was to see Brett Favre play before he retired. These stories are just a few reasons why Bill Riley should be the 2007 Packer Fan of the Year."

Read his story and then please vote for Bill. You have until Friday, Dec. 7 to do so. The winner will be announced by Friday, Dec. 14.

Good luck, Bill! Here's hoping to see you in the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame!!!