Sunday, November 04, 2007

3rd quarter, Pack 13 - Chiefs 7

Missed opportunities is the continuing theme of this game for the Packers. After having a promising drive of passes and runs, the Packers failed to get a first down at the Chiefs' 42 on a third-and-one play. That also is a worrying trend of this season: failure to be able to rush for one yard when needed. This led to a missed 52-yard field goal, which Crosby hooked wide to the left. On the Chiefs' next possession, however, LB A.J. Hawk got an interception and took the ball to the Chiefs' 30. A swing pass to Grant got the ball down to the 15, before a holding penalty -- of course -- took the ball back to the 25. A pass to the end zone was ruled out, as Donald Lee couldn't get both feet down. The next play was a pass to Gregg Jennings over the middle, catching the ball at about the 10, and then breaking tackles to take the ball over the goal line.

Other developments are on the injury front. Safety Nick Collins went down with what looked like a bad knee injury, and D-lineman Corey Williams was also carted to the locker room.

The Packers have had 22 plays inside the opponent's territory to this point in the game; the Chiefs have had one...and yet, we're only up by 6 points. What kind of bizzaro world are we playing in???