Thursday, November 29, 2007

Final: Packers 27 - Cowboys 37

Yes, Packer fans, the Dallas curse continues. The Pack went down by a score of 37-27, and their record now stands at 10-2.

A very goofy game, as all these games in Dallas seem to be. Pass interference calls that really aren't. A bobbled pass by T.O. in the end zone that drops into Al Harris' hands. Stuff. But most of it not in favor of the Pack.

If there could be any silver lining to tonight's game it's that we had a chance to see backup QB Aaron Rodgers in extended action. That comes at the price of Brett being knocked out in the second quarter though with an unspecified elbow injury. Still, Rodgers did an outstanding job, at one point completing 11 passes in a row. He finished with over 200 yards passing and about 30 rushing, including several for first downs.'s still a loss. And it does eat at you a bit as a fan because, despite all the injuries and the breaks and calls that went against the Pack, they were within a TD as late as about a minute left in the game. They showed character and they never gave up. At least we can comfort ourselves with that tonight.

Check back here for more details and analysis tomorrow. Now, it's just time to let all this settle in.