Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pack vs Panthers mini-preview

The spread for this game has come down from 10 to 9-1/2. Big whoop. Granted, the Panthers have the potential for an upset, especially if the Packers are thinking about the Turkey Day game in Detroit or the game against the 'Boys in Big D a week later instead of taking care of today's business. But that's not likely. Yes, Julius Peppers may decide to reprise his years as a dominant pass rusher and give a gimpy Mark Tauscher (or his backup if he can't go) some problems. And Steve Smith, if he can go for the Panthers, might catch a few balls from Old Man Time -- that would be Vinny Testaverde -- himself. But unless the Packers turn the ball over countless times and regress to a point we haven't seen since Da Bearz game, this is another game in the "W" column for the Pack.

What more is there to say?

Oh, yeah...Go Pack Go!!!