Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pack 6 - Chiefs 7 at Halftime

The first half of this game can rightly be called one of missed opportunities, and a bonehead move just before half. The Packers first drive stopped when Brett's pass to Greg Jennings was intercepted deep in Chiefs' territory. Their last play of the half led to a second interception setting up the Chiefs at the Packers' 30. Instead of running the clock out on third down with 35 seconds left, the Pack turned the ball over. That play was followed by a pass to the end zone and a pass interference play on -- who else? -- Atari Bigby. The Chiefs got a gift TD going into the half, with a rush from the 1-yard line by Larry Johnson. The Chiefs did nothing offensively the entire first half -- generating a grand total of 62 yards of offense -- yet lead 7-6.

In addition to the two interceptions, the Pack also had two fumbles, one on a botched hand off between Brett and RB Ryan Grant, and the other on a sack of Brett. Fortunately, the Packers recovered both fumbles. So, those could be missed opportunities by the Chiefs, too...if one were a Chiefs fan...which we are not. The Pack also missed an interception when Nick Collins couldn't hang on to the ball. The other missed opportunity came on yet another drive by the Packers. This was a third down pass ready for a conversion near the red zone, but Jennings dropped the ball. This led to Mason Crosby's first field goal, a 48-yarder by Mason Crosby. Late in the half, the Pack once again executed a drive, with the key play being a big pass play and run after catch by Donald Lee down the middle of the field. But the Pack stalled out and had to take its second field goal of the day with just under 2 minutes to go.

The Packers are getting opportunities, but not finishing. It is something that we saw last week against the Broncos, and earlier in the year against Da Bearz. When the opponent gives you the breaks you need, you better get the ball in the end zone...just like KC did with their second interception. The Pack has dominated this game, but the Chiefs were only one play away from having the lead. And they got it. That's never a good thing. The Packers need to get that fixed in the second half.