Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Latest Rumor: Moss for Rodgers is reporting tonight on its Rumor Mill section the following:

"POSTED 5:30 p.m. EST, February 28, 2007

Word has reached PFT world headquarters of a rumored trade that would send Oakland Raiders receiver Randy Moss to the Green Bay Packers for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

We're told that the Raiders want a first-round pick for Moss, and that the Packers have countered with an offer of Rodgers, who was Green Bay's first round pick in the 2005 draft.

Stay tuned. Though we never would have imagined that Moss and Packers quarterback Brett Favre could coexist, it looks like this one could indeed be going down."

So, that's a new twist on things. The Raiders definitely need a QB. The Pack is apparently very interested in Mr. Moss (can all these rumors be just smoke 'n' mirrors...OK, maybe that's not the best metaphor when applied to Moss, but still...). The Raiders want a #1 pick for Moss. That they will not get from anybody. Unless it's a #1 pick from a few years ago who still won't be playing this year...which makes Packers backup QB Aaron Rodgers perhaps the ideal trade bait. While never admitting they made a mistake in picking Rodgers after he fell into their lap at #25 in 2005, it's also been fairly clear that they were never really certain he would be the answer to life after Brett. So, trading a player who most likely would be holding a clipboard for another year for one who can make a definite contribution to the offense immediately, might be just the deal.