Saturday, February 24, 2007

Moss - Nope, Robinson - Wait and See

In a press conference held at yesterday's Indianapolis NFL combine, Packers' GM Ted Thompson was asked about the possibility of the Pack picking up Randy Moss, a topic of much speculation on sports radio talk shows lately. Without necessarily addressing Moss specifically, Thompson said that the Packers look for players who have good character, who will fit well in the locker room, and who like living in Green Bay. So, let's see how these criteria apply to Mr. Moss: nope, nope, and...doubtful.

Next topic...although not from Thompson's press conference...

What's the status of suspended receiver Koren Robinson? According to his agent, in a story published in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Robinson is planning on returning to the Packers this coming season. He can't apply for reinstatement before Sept. 18. If approved, he can then rejoin the Packers or, if the Packers decide not to keep him, he's free to sign anywhere. He's been working out and attending AA meetings, according to the article. According to terms of the suspension he has had and can have no contact with the Packers or use any of the team's facilities. Everything he is doing is on his own. That includes serving a 90-day jail sentence beginning next week for leading Minnesota police on a high-speed chase last August. Once his jail time is done, Robinson's agent says he will begin working with a personal trainer in Orlando.

Robinson was a first round pick in 2001 -- number 9 overall. He had a world of talent coming out of college. His personal problems are well documented and have prevented him from being the type of player his talent would allow him to be. As his agent states in the article, "It's all on him. If he wants it, then I'm sure there will be a spot available for him. But he has to handle his business off the field, continue to work hard and be prepared to step in and help a team when he's able to come back."

Robinson could be a valuable addition to the Packers receiving corps if he is able to get his act together. Through contact his agent has had with the Packers it is apparent that Robinson still has a chance with the Packers. The upcoming draft and other free agent acquisitions can always alter those plans. But here's a 27-year-old athlete who still has unfulfilled potential. He wants to return to the Pack and catch passes from Brett. Let's hope he makes it.