Monday, February 05, 2007

Yes, Da Bearz Still Suck

OK, there really is no need to rub yesterday's Super Bowl loss in their faces, is there? Well, I guess if Chicago fans are doing it to themselves, why can't we, right?

You just knew it would happen: Da Bearz fans breaking bad on their team. Tune in at random to a few Chicago radio stations (or catch their audio streams over the Internet if you can) and you will hear fans calling in to criticize the coaches, the defense and -- shocking -- QB Rex (or is it "Wrecks"?) Grossman. About the best comment heard so far was one fan saying that the only player that was any good was returner Devon Hester. "Maybe they should play him at quarterback," the caller said. Hey, couldn't be any worse than Wrecks, er, Rex.

Jonathon Brandmeier, native of good ol' Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and the best radio jock going in Chicago (figures it would be someone from Wisconsin saving Chicago radio, wouldn't it?) was doing his best to help Chicago fans vent this morning on his radio showgram (as he calls it). Radio therapy of sorts. Johnny B had to hop on the bandwagon like everyone else in Chi-Town. But in his heart of hearts, he is a Packers fan, of course. That's why he was able to close that segment with that famous little ditty by The Happy Schnapps Combo, appropriately titled "The Bears Still Suck." You can hear the closing refrain here.