Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Fans Everywhere

Yesterday's announcement by Packers QB Brett Favre that "I think I'll go one more time," as he told Packers GM Ted Thompson, was met with much rejoicing not only in Wisconsin -- where it is akin to the Second Coming -- but also throughout the NFL (click here for that story).

In a poll still going on in the online version of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, fans were asked if they are glad Brett is returning for 2007. Gee...that's a toughie...let's see the results as of the time of this posting:

Are you glad that Brett Favre is coming back in '07?
Yes (94.7%)
No (5.3%)
Total votes: 18,007

What I want to know is, who are the 900 or so boneheads who said "No"? Must be some disgruntled fans of Da Bearz who still wish they could find a quarterback.

In a second poll, readers were asked if Brett's return makes the Pack a playoff team. Here are those results so far:

Do you think Brett Favre's return makes the Packers a playoff team in '07?
Yes (86.5%)
No (13.5%)
Total votes: 5,186

OK, there may be a bit more debate on this question. NOT!!! C'mon, people. Even the talking yappers on ESPN's Around the Horn yesterday unanimously agreed that the Packers can definitely be in the hunt next year...heck, they climbed into the playoff hunt this year until the last day when they were bumped out of the wildcard slot by the Giants. The NFC North Division is not a strong one. The NFC is not all that strong right now. I mean...Da Bearz??? It will be the Pack and Da Bearz slogging it out next year for the Division Championship. Give Brett a few more offensive weapons -- some good downfield and after-the-catch receivers and tight ends -- and a legitimate running threat, and keep that young defense coming around as it did down the stretch and the Pack are in it.

That's obviously also Brett's thinking, and he's basically said as much in explaining why he's coming back. It will be a fun season, Packer fans! Let's see what Thompson does in free agency and with the draft. He has salary cap room to play with. He's not one to toss it around...but if he wants to make a run at the Super Bowl with Brett at the helm, this is his chance to make the investments needed for impact players.

Go Pack Go!!!