Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: Who Ya Got?

Although it is anathema (look it up) for this writer to have to mention Da Bearz in the same breath as the Super Bowl, hell has apparently frozen over -- although judging from the sub-zero temps in the Midwest today that's not far from the truth. The only good that will come from the game is that Chicago fans can again become their surly selves once Da Bearz lose.

So, what's the prognostication? Guess I gave it away in that previous sentence, didn't I? OK, let's put it on the line: Colts 34 - Da Bearz 17. The Colts are 7 point favorites. Manning vs. Grossman? Get real. Da Bearz might pop a run or a pass or even a return via Hester...probably even set up a score with a defensive turnover as they have done for most of the year. And if the weather gets funky as the forecast says, Da Bearz might be able to make it tighter than it might otherwise be. They say defenses win championships. That would seem to give the edge to Da Bearz. But can they stop Manning all day? I don't think so. And can Da Bearz offensive offense outscore the Colts? Nope.

Go Colts! Put Da Bearz and their fans back in their cave for another couple decades.