Friday, February 16, 2007

Shocking! Special Teams Still Not Special.

According to the Dallas Morning News' annual statistical analysis, the Packers' special teams ranked a bottom-of-the-barrel 32nd in overall performance in 2006. At least they were consistent: they were also ranked 32nd in 2005. Actually, according to the point system the Dallas Morning News uses in its scoring system, the Pack actually did worse this last season than the year before. And that despite changing the kicker, punter, kick returners and special-teams coach. Hmmm...that doesn't leave much to tweak, does it?

Anyone who watched any game these last two seasons saw...the horror! Special teams that couldn't cover punts or kicks, and that couldn't create returns or generate field position.

What's a coach to do? According to a story in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Coach Mike McCarthy says he is obviously not satisfied with this kind of performance but -- looking for some shred of a silver lining -- was pleased with the way veteran Charles Woodson handled punt least in terms of being sure-handed. But it's obvious more is needed than just hanging on to the ball. That's why McCarthy indicated he'd be taking a look at some of the young speedsters on the team, such as Shaun Bodiford. Expect the return positions to be wide open as the team seeks to overcome this two-year slump in performance. Hey, can only get better!