Friday, September 01, 2006

Want Packer Tix?

There is now supposedly a new way for Packers fans to get unused season ticket holder tickets at face value. Well, sorta.

Seems you have to first be a member of the Packers Partners Club of Champions. And not just the regular "Champion" membership ($50 annually), but rather the "Legend" membership which will cost you a C-note: $100 annually. Once you have purchased that membership, you can access the "fanTIXchange" website. Oh, there are of course service fees -- $15 for a regular seat and $25 for a club seat -- and sales tax, as well. But a portion of the service fee goes to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Green Bay so there is a bit of a good deed in there as well...a little somethin' for the effort, ya know?

But if you are a last minute type of person, fuhgetaboutit: the game has to be at least four days away for the transaction to take place. If you are interested in knowing more, check out the links above related to this ticket program. Even with the service charges and the membership fee, you still might wind up snagging tix for less than on eBay or via scalpers.

You can also pursue tickets through Packer Fan Tours or EventUSA, which is affiliated with Packer Fan Tours. Current price of tix for Da Bearz game start at $180 for endzone seats through this latter broker.

This public service has been brought to you by Packer Fans United!