Sunday, September 24, 2006

End of 1st Quarter: Packers 14 - Lions 14

Well, there was a great 75-yard pass play from Brett to Greg Jennings for the Pack's first score -- and Brett's 400th career touchdown pass, making him second all-time, only behind Dan Marino's 420. And there was a nice pass interception returned for a touchdown on tight coverage by Ahmad Carroll -- imagine! -- deflecting the ball to Marquand Manuel.

But...then there is the absolutely horrible defense being played by the Packers, particularly in the secondary. Receivers wide the endzone. Blown coverages -- yes, again! Perhaps Bob McGinn's column in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel was right on the money after all. McGinn blasts the Pack's secondary coach, Kurt Schottenheimer, for executing a repeat of the disastrous 2004 performance. He also points the finger directly at new head coach Mike McCarthy for hiring his buddy, despite Schottenheimer's horrible record as a secondary coach. Why hire this guy? Looking at the performance of the secondary so far this season -- and this game -- you really have to wonder.

If the secondary doesn't shape up quickly -- like over the next three quarters -- they'll make Kitna look like the second coming of...Jason Garrett! Of course, the defensive line isn't doing much to put pressure on Kitna either. That would be nice. So would the linebackers covering those swing passes.