Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not So Good

OK...well...not a great start to the season. Especially getting shut out. And by Da Bearz no less. Beat in nearly every phase of the game. Although surprisingly, Ahman Green ran for more yards than the entire Bears offense; the first time he gained 100+ yards since a game against the ViQueens in if you are looking for a positive to take out of this game, that might be it.

Other than that...not so good. Let's just leave it at that. Sports radio tonight and tomorrow and throughout the week will beat this to death, as will the sports blogosphere. It's pretty obvious to anyone remotely familiar with football where the problems were...heck, even someone who had never seen a game before would probably be able to point out some problems. But as one of my favorite guitarists of all time would say, "Move on."

So, let's let the coaches and players work on solving these problems. The Saints come to GB next weekend. And it's a chance for redemption. How appropriate: redemption courtesy of the Saints!

And, oh yeah, Da Bearz still suck!