Sunday, September 17, 2006

End of half: Saints 14 - Pack 13

What a great first quarter: three take-aways from the Saints converted into 13 points. End of the first quarter: Pack 13 - Saints 0.

But for whatever reason, momentum seemed to turn about midway into the second quarter. The Packers offense was misfiring again: dropped passes, failure to convert on third down. On defense, the Pack blew some coverages. With about a minute left to go in the first half, the Saints actually took the lead. Of course, this is also partially due to the fact that of the three turnovers the Packers were able to get, only one was converted into a touchdown. Points are points. But with two of the three turnovers occurring in Saints territory, the failure to convert these into two touchdowns is also a reason why the Pack is behind at half.

The best part of the first half...well, the first quarter...was the inspired play of the defense, especially DE Aaron Kampman.

The Packers need to get the running game going and sustain something on offense. After the first quarter, the passing game tailed off considerably. They also need to get back to pressuring Drew Brees.

Go Pack Go!!!