Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Favre Says He Could Go Elsewhere

OK, Packer fans, calm down. Brett isn't going anywhere. At least, not yet. But according to early reports that have been circulating for a few days now, Brett says in a segment airing tonight on HBO's "Costas Now" program (9 p.m. Central time) that he could imagine finishing out his career with a team other than the Packers. Favre says he would consider it if the Packers thought it would be best for the team: "I can't say it wouldn't happen...", Brett says. As Tony Kornheiser said on today's Pardon the Interruption, "If this is true, you gotta believe the phones are ringing off the hook." He pointed out that teams such as the Redskins and Raiders would certainly want to bring in Favre to finish out his career and give those teams a shot at the playoffs.

There are a lot of pundits -- and some fans too -- who look at the Packers and see a team in the rebuilding phase. And with 27 players on the current roster who have two years or less of NFL experience, I guess you'd have to agree. These same folks say it's time for Brett to move on so that the Pack can develop Aaron Rodgers as the QB of the future. OK. But what about the QB of the present? There is no one better with it all on the line than Brett. Barring injury, he will have more offensive weapons available to him than he did last year, including super-rookie WR Greg Jennings. The catch will be how well the offensive line holds up, especially given it's current lack of depth. The defense will hold its own.

I know I tend to see things through green 'n gold colored glasses. But I think this Packers team will be better than most people think. But it will only be better if Brett is at the helm. He is the difference maker. Take him out of the picture this year and the team would be lucky to go 4-12 again. With Brett? I still say the wild card slot isn't out of the picture. We'll only know for sure once the season moves along.

But Brett in another uniform to finish his career? Nope. What could another team offer in order to acquire a Hall of Famer? What would the Packers demand in compensation? Almost makes your head explode just thinking about it, doesn't it?