Friday, September 22, 2006

Dr. Detroit

According to early poll results in today's online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Packer fans by nearly a two-out-of-three margin believe that the upcoming game at Detroit is just what the doctor ordered:

Against which of their next five opponents will the Packers pick up their first victory?
  • Detroit (65.1%)
  • Arizona (13.0%)
  • St. Louis (11.5%)
  • Miami (10.1%)
  • Philadelphia (0.3%)
Total votes: 355

You can vote add your own vote here.

Kampman Gets Respect

Also from today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a nice article about "nice guy" and "overachiever" and...what?...NFL sack leader Aaron Kampman. If only the rest of the team had a motor like this guy.