Sunday, September 17, 2006


A bit of stat nerdiness for you: no team that has started the season 0-2 in the last two years has made the playoffs.

I guess Al Harris was right about that "must win" game thing, eh?

Addendum to game report post

Kudos to Donald Driver for an outstanding receiving game. He made some great catches, including one where he actually took away a probable interception from the defender. In total, Driver had eight catches for 153 yards. He also had one end-around rush for 16 yards. Not a bad day.

Ol' #4 also had a good day overall: 31 of 55 for 340 yards passing, with three touchdowns and one interception. Unfortunately, that was a costly interception in the endzone as the Pack was driving. Pass protection broke down -- as it did fairly often again today -- and Brett was hit just as he released the ball, causing it to flutter like a wounded duck for an easy pick. Ahman Green, on the other hand, did not follow up his good performance of last week, rushing 16 times for only 42 yards. Please. Toss in the fumble at the Packers' own 25-yard line at a critical point in the game, leading one play later to a Saints touchdown, and...not good. However, where the concentration last week was on rushing the ball, today the Packers rushed only 20 times out of 75 plays. Go figure.