Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ted Thompson Says...

If you want to know what Packers GM Ted Thompson has to say about the 6-10 season and what he sees ahead for the team, you have to check out Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sports writer Tom Silverstein's article in today's edition. Silverstein interviewed Thompson for 90 minutes prior to Mike McCarthy canning most of the defensive coaching staff so that is not part of the conversation.

Thompson is always guarded in what he says. But there are some interesting aspects of the Q&A, particularly when talking about his having two losing seasons out of his four at the helm compared to no losing seasons between 1992 and 2004 when he took charge, comments about Justin Harrell, having the youngest team in the league for the third straight season, how fans feel about him, and certain personnel moves including, of course, the Brett Favre thing.

Check it out here. It will perhaps tell you some things you wanted to know, but will also leave you with questions still unanswered. That's Thompson, who says in the interview that, "I would like most of the people to understand that we're trying to do the right thing." This writer, for one, believes that. But that doesn't mean we're satisfied.

That also seems to be the point of Mike Vandermause's commentary in the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The title alone tells you where this article is going: "Thompson gaffes contribute to down year". Vandermause is sports editor of the Press-Gazette. And his insights are always a worthwhile read. When he starts comparing some of Thompson's personnel moves to those of former GM/Coach Mike Sherman...well...yikes! You know it can't be good. Read it out for yourself here.

And then hope this next season he and McCarthy get their acts together.