Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Capers caper is now afoot

Dom Capers, former head coach with Carolina and Houston, and someone who has spent most if not all of his coaching career on the defensive side of the ball, is the latest candidate to interview with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Sometime this weekend, they'll have a face-to-face. Most of Capers' experience is running a 3-4 defense, which has not been the Packers scheme the last several years. Still, Capers is one of those out there with a well-respected name.

Still, he may be off the board soon too. A report in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says, "The Rocky Mountain News has reported that Capers is all but a lock to become the Denver Broncos' defensive backs coach under newly hired coordinator Mike Nolan, but apparently the lure of becoming a coordinator again was enough to get Capers in for an interview."

So, we'll see where this one goes. Jim Haslett is still under consideration, the recently dismissed coaching staff at Tampa Bay may have a possibility or two within it, and of course you can bet McCarthy is awaiting the outcomes of tomorrow's playoff games to see who he might finally be able to talk to.

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