Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still no defensive coordinator for the Pack

Of the top names initially mentioned as likely prospects for the open Packers defensive coordinator position, arguably the top two are now off the board. Mike Nolan, who was said to be a lock for the job, took the same job with Denver. Today, Gregg Williams accepted the defensive coordinator position -- as many had also projected -- with New Orleans.

So, we're starting to get to option number three. That supposedly is now Jim Haslett, who interviewed with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on Monday and Tuesday. Haslett is first waiting to hear, however, whether he will be named the Rams new head coach, a position he held on an interim basis this past season for 10 games. According to reports, it seems as if St. Louis wants to go in a different direction. And so far, the Packers are the only team that has shown an interest in Haslett for either a coordinator or head coaching slot.

According to a report in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "It's possible McCarthy will wait until after this weekend to see if any assistant coach prospects become available. Among those would be Philadelphia secondary coach Sean McDermott, Pittsburgh linebackers coach Keith Butler and Baltimore special assistant Vic Fangio."

McDermott is said to be an intriguing possibility given that he's been part of the Jim Johnson defensive coaching staff with Philadelphia for several years. But league rules preclude any team from talking to McDermott until the Eagles are out of the playoffs. That's why McCarthy might wait out the weekend results before making his decision. If the Eagles beat Arizona, as is expected, waiting until after the Super Bowl to see if McDermott is even interested in the position would be too long of a wait, in all likelihood, for the Packers.

It will be an interesting next few days. Unfortunately for the Packers, the decision as to whom eventually fills the key defensive coordinator spot is not entirely in their own hands.

You can read the Journal-Sentinel article here.