Monday, January 05, 2009

Reports: Sanders out as Packers defensive coordinator, along with most of the D-coaches

According to a breaking news item posted this morning on former Packers vice president of player finance Andrew Brandt's National Football Post website, "the entire Packers’ defensive coaching staff (with the exception of linebackers/assistant head coach Winston Moss) has just been fired." News broke on this same site yesterday that defensive coordinator Bob Sanders had been fired.

The Packers have not yet confirmed or announced any of these firings. (The dismissal of Sanders was expected and was one of the many places that said it would happen.)

Winston Moss is one of the likely candidates to assume the defensive coordinator position, and hence perhaps the reason why he was the exception to the rule in the firings. Moss was also interviewed for the vacant head coaching position in St. Louis but apparently is not scheduled for a second interview.

You can read the breaking news here. There is an article about the Sanders firing and possible replacements here.

We still await confirmations and announcements from the Packers on these matters.

Stay tuned.