Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mike Golic's Lambeau Field fan story

On the Mike and Mike in the Morning ESPN radio show today -- also carried live on ESPN2 -- former NFL D-lineman Mike Golic (of Mike and Mike fame...but is he the first one or the second one?) and his counterpart, Mike Greenberg, were discussing -- for whatever reason -- Lambeau Field. Greenberg's memory was of his first time as a reporter driving to Lambeau, which he said was "in the middle of nowhere." But then he went on to say that about a mile or so away from the stadium you start to smell the brats and sauerkraut. Golic added that he had played at Lambeau a few times, but when he later was broadcasting from there he'd sometimes join the fans for the tailgating festivities. Nothing better, he said. Although he did note that about the only other stadium that has as good a smell is Kansas City "with all the barbecue." Greenberg then asked Golic if he'd ever seen the tailgating in San Francisco. "White wine, lobster...". Golic and Greenberg quickly agreed that "No, that's just not right." (I may be paraphrasing here, but that is the sense of it. As it rightly should be.)

But the highlight of Golic's Lambeau stories was another from his broadcast days. He said that one time he was up in the press booth which, he noted, is so close to the last row of fans that if it weren't for the glass you could reach out and touch them. Anyway, he said that right below them this one time was a bunch of guys, said it looked like maybe a bunch of fathers and sons. As the game went on, Golic said he and his colleagues in the press box were noting that these guys were "really pounding the beer down." At one point, Golic said, one of the guys who looked as if he was barely of drinking age started really "horking." (BTW, isn't that one of the better -- and perhaps even under-used -- euphemisms for vomitting that's out there? Go ahead, use it the next time one of your buddies blows chow. Impress your friends!)

Sorry, back to Golic's story. He said that this young guy was "horking everywhere." People were standing back and giving him room, of course, and then were patting him on the back making sure he was OK. But, Golic said, the really impressive thing was what happened next. This young fellow then proceeded to walk down the steps (which in itself may have been a pretty impressive feat given what had just happened). Golic said the folks in the press booth thought the guy was leaving to go clean himself up. But then, Golic recalled, they see this young man coming back up the steps "with a full tray of beers." "We applauded the guy," Golic added.

That, my friends, is one of the classic boot and rally stories. There are, no doubt, many more that help contribute to Lambeau's lore.

It's great to be a Packers fan!