Friday, January 02, 2009

Here's another reason the ViQueens shouldn't be in the playoffs

Aside from the fact that the ViQueens squeaked into the playoffs as winners of the NFC North -- which wasn't exactly the best division in football this season, let's be honest -- and will get beat by Philly in the Wild Card round anyway, there's another reason Minnesota shouldn't be in the playoffs.

OK, agreed, the uniforms are a good enough reason on their own for them not to be allowed in the playoffs. But I'm talking about something else. The fans. Yep. I said it.

It's the first time the 'Queens have been back in the playoffs since 2004. That marked only their second time this century (doesn't that sound you're talking about the Cubs in the World Series or something). You would think the fans would be totally jacked about hosting a Wild Card game. Nope. As of noon yesterday -- which was supposedly the cut off time set by the NFL for selling out to avoid a local TV market blackout -- there were still 8,000 unsold tickets. Can you imagine? And it's not like these so-called "fans" even have to brave the January weather in Minneapolis: they get to sit inside the comfort of the HumpDome. What a bunch of wusses!

According to news reports this a.m., the league extended the deadline until 3;30 p.m. today for the team to avoid the TV blackout. Chances are some corporation will spring for the tickets. Or maybe owner Zygi Wilf (no, that is not random typing that is really a name) and his partners will open up their pockets to avoid the embarrassment of a fan base that basically is saying, "Who cares?". (And these guys deserve a new stadium? Please. You can't get them to sell out the one you've got!)

Now, would this happen anywhere else? Well, yeah. Arizona. That's understandable given the decades of futility for the Cardinals franchise. Fans apparently aren't expecting much in their game against Atlanta. But to be fair, the Cardinals only reported 3,700 tickets left unsold. They received an extension, too.

But back to the ViQueens. Any team's fans that don't support a team enough to sell out a playoff game doesn't deserve to win. Packers fans show up, sell out a stadium, in weather that would make a polar bear shiver, playoff game or not. ViQueens fans? Can't be bothered to show up to a playoff game inside a dome. Bud Grant must be rolling over in his...oh wait, he's not dead yet. OK...but you can bet he'd like to rip all those fair-weather fans a new one.

Go Philly!