Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Reader Link: "Give 'em the meat hook!"

As the first lines of a blog entry by a Packer Fans United reader note, "A recent online poll showed Wisconsin football fans were evenly split between the Bears and the Colts. This is deeply disturbing."


As his father apparently used to shout at the TV during those grand ol' Packers-Da Bearz games of the 1960s, "Give 'em the meat hook!" While acknowledging that he really has no idea what exactly his dad meant by that, it still seems worthy of consideration by all good Packer fans everywhere. And the best part is, it can still be applied even when the team playing Da Bearz isn't the Packers. In this case, the Colts can "give 'em the mean hook!" What a concept!

To get the full impact of the idea (as well as an amusing sidebar from the Stevens Point Journal managing editor -- and Da Bearz fan -- who rejected its submittal for publication), click here.