Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moss as a Packer?

This rumor just in. Bill Michaels, sports talk wiz from WTMJ620-AM radio in Milwaukee, was within the last 30 minutes saying that he heard some radio station in Minneapolis is reporting that the Packers are interested in talking with...gulp...Randy Moss. Michaels made it clear he didn't know if this was true or just one of these Internet rumors that gets passed around as true when it is merely speculation. He noted that so far he was unable to confirm anything about this. So, it could just be rumor. Or, maybe not.

Certainly the Packers need another playmaker at wide receiver. Just as certainly, Moss can't wait to get out of the football wasteland that is Oakland. But Moss with the Packers? He of the goalpost "moon" fame? If Brett Favre returns for another year, Moss might indeed feel he can resume his playmaker status with a QB that actually completes passes. The question with Moss, as it has always been, is whether the baggage he brings with him off the field, to the locker room and sideline is worth what he might do on the playing field.

But, as noted in the earlier post of the day, since this is the ho-hum time of the year, at least this Moss rumor turns it momentarily into a hmmmmmm time of year.