Friday, January 12, 2007

Favre Watch '07: What Does This Mean?

WTMJ620-AM radio in Milwaukee was reporting this afternoon during it's sports segment that Brett Favre is not renewing his membership at the "Green Bay Country Club." It is unclear what the source of this information to WTMJ radio is, so it could just be another one of those rumors that comes out of nowhere. Or, it could be that the radio report was less-than-precise in describing Brett's membership. There really is a GBCC. But apparently that's not the place after all.

As it turns out, the Green Bay Press Gazette reported that the membership was with the Oneida Golf & Riding Club.

Just as we were looking south to the "tractor watch," we get hit with a slice out of the north.

Is this an early warning indicator that Brett is moving on? As much as Brett likes to play golf -- or at least, used to -- it does make one wonder. Although, according to the article in the Press Gazette, Packers CEO Bob Harlan isn't making much of it at all.

I'm so confused...

(Note: this article was revised after additional information was obtained; we regret any confusion which may have been caused by the earlier posting.)