Monday, January 15, 2007

Divisional Playoff Review

The NFL Divisional Playoffs are usually exciting games, as teams are battling to be only two wins away from taking home the Lombardi Trophy as winners of the Super Bowl. This past weekend's games really didn't disappoint in that regard...other than that the Packers were not playing, of course.

Are we getting a bit tired, though, of the Patriots vs. Colts match up? Regrettably, the curse of Marty Schottenheimer doomed the San Diego Chargers to a great season and -- what else -- playoff loss. I'll have to go with the Patriots over the Colts in the AFC title game. Tom Brady knows what it takes to win the big games and Peyton Manning...not yet.

Then we have Da Bearz vs. the Saints. I was rooting for the Seahawks to beat Da Bearz. Although I wasn't sure which would rip the heart out of Bearz fans more: a first playoff game loss...or a SuperBowl loss. Da Bearz pulled it out in overtime. But it seems as if the Saints are destiny's team this year. So let's go with the Saints over Da Bearz in the NFC championship. By the way, any team with a player that can take a hit like Reggie Bush took and then keep on gotta like their chances. If you don't know the hit that I'm talking about, just click here to see a video clip of Reggie getting "jacked up!" (as the guys on ESPN would say). Yowza.