Monday, January 01, 2007

Packers 26 - Da Bearz 7; Favre Bye Bye???


Well, Packer fans, the Pack spanked Da Bearz on New Year's Eve, 26-7. That enabled the team to finish at 8-8, a surprising finish after winning four in a row. The Pack unfortunately finished out of the running for the last wildcard spot as the NY Giants did something uncharacteristic of their recent play and beat the Redskins. Drats!!! Still, you have to be pleased with the way this young team improved and came together over the course of the season. That's a good sign for next year.

What perhaps isn't such a good sign was QB Brett Favre's tearful on-field post-game interview. When you hear Brett say, "What a way to go out. Chicago's obviously a great football team. I wasn't too optimistic but here we are with a win. I couldn't ask for a better way to go out." That's...not good. A lot of the speculation recently -- including here -- has seemed to be leaning toward Brett coming back. Now? Hmmmm...

As John Madden pointed out late in the game, he took it as a good sign that Brett would return because he had ankle surgery scheduled for today. Madden opined that he didn't think Favre would be having that so soon unless he planned on returning. Well, guess what? According to reports, Brett has postponed the surgery and no date has been rescheduled.

So, perhaps we saw the last of Brett the Great last evening. But what could be more fitting than beating Da Bearz in Chicago? OK, beating Da Bearz at Lambeau, but you know what I mean.

Brett, legions of fans hope you return next year. Ya still got it, kid. C' 'bout one more for old time's sake? But if not, thanks for the ride. It's been unforgettable. See you in Canton.