Sunday, July 02, 2006

Favre's Doubts

For those who missed Brett Favre's comments on Friday night's ESPN SportsCenter, here is the salient bit: his confidence in his own play has sagged over the past two years.

To quote: "I think one of the important things here, is my confidence over the last couple of years took a beating. . . . I questioned at times whether or not I still could do it. You go 4-12 after all the success we've had in Green Bay, I think you start questioning your play."

As for how close Brett came to retiring this year, maybe closer than some might have thought: "I think it was real close. I tried every which way possible to talk myself out of playing, but ultimately I couldn't do it."

While Brett's lack of confidence in his own recent play weighed heavily in his decision making process, as he says he ultimately couldn't least not this year. He knows he can still get the job done as well as, if not better than, any other quarterback in the league. It would seem that he came to understand, as many Packer fans do, that this last year especially was an aberration, an injury-riddled season to forget. Brett tried even harder to carry the team on his back. But with no offensive weapons, it's hard to be a one-man band (please excuse the mixed metaphor...not enough coffee yet this a.m.).

Despite team depth ratings that at least on paper don't seem to impress too many experts (read more here...but be quick on your browser's "stop" button...and perhaps reload, too, to see the article), a team that stays healthy has an edge over better teams that don't. While a good portion of the Packers' pre-training camp roster is relatively unproven, and the Packers' offensive and defensive schemes will be different this year, you just have to believe the Pack will be back. And with a corps of good young receivers, depth at running back, and some talent on the offensive line, Brett will no doubt regain his confidence. Get ready for a big year from ol' #4!